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Please choose a category and enjoy exploring some really informative and useful, music related websites.

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A metronome is an incredibly useful accessory to help students keep time. They can be purchased at any music store and come in all shapes and sizes. This online version is really easy to use and the dog can’t eat this one!!! Yes, I’ve actually heard that excuse!

Download Printable Music Paper (manuscript paper)

This is a terrific site where you can print music paper. Choose blank paper or add your clef, time and key signatures. It’s free!

Ear training

Ear training CDs are available for purchase. They are designed to help with exercises based on the RCM syllabus. These recorded ear training practice sets are invaluable aids for students taking exams, in particular. Each CD is titled Perfection Ear along with the grade level.

Additionally, these free sites will help. Ear training does get better with regular practice, so persevere.


Music Theory

Who doesn’t enjoy music theory? If you answered ‘me’ then check out these sites!


Instrument Sites – just a few for starters


Music Stores and Repair Specialists


Online Radio Stations




Articles: Why studying music is beneficial


Concert Series

Select websites…more to be added.

Erato Ensemble –

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra –

Ballet BC –

Vancouver Opera –

Music in the Morning –

Chan Centre –

West Coast Symphony Orchestra –

Vancouver Philharmonic –

Chamber Music – 


You Tube

Here is a great video from Selmer showing how a saxophone is manufactured and one from Buffet on how a clarinet is made

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