Lesson Information

Lesson Lengths:

Lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. Usually, lesson length is determined by a student’s age, ability and experience.

30 minute lessons are only recommended for beginners.

45 minute lessons are optimal and recommended for students who have been playing for more than 2 years and for those taking RCM exams,

Grades 2 – 6.

60 minute lessons are ideal for more advanced students, adult learners and those taking RCM Grade 7 and beyond.

Registration is required by all students and entails completing a registration form and agreeing to lesson policies. Please visit the Registration Page.

Locations, Days and Times:
Days and locations for the academic year 2019-2020 are as follows:
Please note that lessons can also be taken during the day, before 3pm and will take place at Accent Music Studios in the Queensbury neighbourhood of North Vancouver

  • Monday - Accent Music Studios, 706 Queensbury Ave, North Vancouver 3.30pm - 9.00pm

  • Tuesday - Seycove Secondary School, North Vancouver - Tuesday 3.15pm - 8.30pm

  • Wednesday - Carson Graham Secondary School, North Vancouver - Wednesday 3.15pm - 7.00pm

  • Thursday - To Be Determined (North Vancouver)

 - Adult learners can book lessons during the day, any time up until 2.00pm. Lessons will take place at Accent Music Studios.



Lesson fees are based on the hourly rate of $74.00 per hour.

30 minute lesson – $37.00

45 minute lesson – $55.50

60 minute lesson – $74.00

Please visit Lesson Fee Schedule for monthly amounts.
Each student is allocated a set amount of lessons per year, based on the school calendar. Generally, students who begin in September and end in June will receive 34 lessons throughout the year. Lesson quotas are calculated based on starting dates. 


Any 'In Home' lessons will incur an additional $20 fee for travel time and expenses. These will only be offered when other locations are unavailable and at the student's request.

Locations & Dates September 2019 – June 2020

Lessons take place at the following locations: 


  • Monday: Accent Music Studios
    32 lessons scheduled for the year 
    Term 1 - September 16th to December 16th. (No lesson October 14th) 
    Term 2 - January 6th – March 9th (No lesson February 17)
    Term 3 - March 30th – June 10th (No lesson April 13 and May 18) 

  • Tuesday: Seycove Secondary
    34 lessons scheduled for the year 
    Term 1 – September 17th to December 17th 
    Term 2 – January 7th – March 10th 
    Term 3 – March 31st – June11th  

  • Wednesday: Carson Graham Secondary
    34 lessons scheduled for the year 
    Term 1 – September 26th – December 19th. (No lesson September 19th - will change to 20th if possible)
    Term 2 – January 8th – March 11th 
    Term 3 – April 1st – June 12th

  • Thursday: To Be Determined
    34 lessons scheduled for the year 
    Term 1 – September 20th – December 20th 
    Term 2 – January 9th – March 12th 
    Term 3 – April 2nd – June 13th