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Lesson Fees and How to Pay

There are a two main fee structures and a few payment choices available depending on your needs. All fees are made payable to Accent Music Studios (JAG Media Group inc.)

1. Regular weekly lessons

$35 for 30 mins / $52.50 for 45 minutes / $70 for 60 minutes
Lessons must be taken on a regular weekly basis throughout the academic year and prepaid monthly either by preauthorized e-transfer or post-dated cheques.

2. Drop-in lessons

If occasional lessons are preferred, lesson packs (4, 8 or 12) can be purchased and lessons scheduled whenever you like, pending availability. All packs expire on June 15 2022 and refunds are not issued on unused lessons. Owing to the administration and scheduling of lesson packs, there is an administration fee per pack.


12 lesson pack - $37 for 30 mins / $52.50 for 45 minutes / $72 for 60 minutes

8 Lesson pack - $35 for 30 mins / $52.50 for 45 minutes / $74 for 60 minutes

4 Lesson pack - $38 for 30 mins / $57.00 for 45 minutes / $76 for 60 minutes

How to Pay

There are a several ways in which you can pay for lessons.

1. Post-dated cheques (dated 1st of each month) for the full academic year made payable to Accent Music Studios 

2. Supply two cheques, one for the first month and a void cheque which will be used for monthly withdrawals in the amount shown on the table. One void cheque can be supplied if lessons start on week 1 as the monthly amounts will be the same. If you choose this option, please download, complete and email back the authorization form. Once I receive the VOID cheque I will arrange for the monthly fees to be withdrawn.

3. Set up a  pre-authorized recurring e-transfer through your bank. This must be for the amount specified on the table and transfers must be made on the 1st of each month. Please inform me if this is your choice.

4. By cash. Please present cash in an envelope marked with the cash amount and student's name on the front. If a school-aged student is bringing cash, please let me know in advance so that I can remind them.







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