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Clarinet Workshops

Julie Begg Clarinetist

I am prepared and experienced as a clarinet clinician and have worked both privately and with music store education departments for many schools, band teachers, adult community bands and other music professionals throughout the lower mainland.

I enjoy teaching workshops, to students of all ages and abilities, immensely and find communicating my love of music and clarinet playing to be a very worthwhile and rewarding endeavor. With the right balance of enthusiasm, patience and understanding, any student can improve quickly and even a small boost in confidence can make a great deal of difference to a student’s demeanour and level of participation in band.

I can provide general or technique-specific workshops to any group size or level of ability.The workshops listed below can be booked either individually or packaged, according to your clarinet section’s needs.

Please let me know what your clarinetists’ strengths and weaknesses are and I can tailor workshops specifically for your school.

Workshop Descriptions

Perfect for revision, reviewing and reinforcement (especially after long school breaks)
Areas of technique covered are:
• Posture, hand and instrument positioning
• Basic Articulation and Breath Control
• Exploring the Different Registers
• Basic Instrument Care and Reed information

Poor tone quality and sluggish (or non-existent) articulation are common problems with students of all ages but they can be easily remedied
• In depth analysis about what the diaphragm is and how to breathe correctly
• Explanation about the tongue’s function in clarinet playing
• Exercises will be provided and practiced during the workshop
• Band music will be examined and specific passages worked on
This workshop is ideal for elementary and middle grades although can be adapted for senior and more advanced students

Demystifying ‘the break’’ in a few simple steps
• Emphasis on hand positioning and breath control
• Understanding the basic acoustics and overtones of the clarinet
• Fingerings will be learned and a fingering chart provided for each student
• Scales and other finger exercises will be introduced and band music will be examined

The upper and extreme register notes are fairly daunting for young clarinet players. This workshop will help to extend their range and eliminate the anxiety of high tones.
• Balance issues will be corrected
• Fingerings will be explained and achieved with print material (and band music, if relevant)
• Reed strength and type is an important discussion in this workshop

Unfortunately, few clarinet students are aware of cross fingerings and alternative fingerings. This workshop will prevent bad habits from forming (or break those already developed) and give students more options when dealing with tricky, chromatic passages.
• Right and Left hand fingerings will be learned and tested
• Small groups will be created and each group will be given a passage or two to work on. This will be performed to the other groups demonstrating alternate and cross fingerings learned.
• Band music will be examined for awkward passages then practiced using correct fingerings
• 2.5 octave chromatic scale will be achieved within the session

This workshop is designed for more advanced students. Increasing awareness of tone production and intonation will be the focus along with ensemble-based exercises
• Discussions and demonstrations of embouchure and oral cavity changes
• Examination of general intonation of a clarinet and how to make adjustments
• Ensemble work using specific material, plus band music
• Working with (and without) a tuning machine through dynamic ranges in different registers
• Recommendations made to each students on equipment, reeds, etc.

Pricing *

$150 per workshop (up to 60 minutes) within metro Vancouver.

Workshops can be booked Monday to Friday from 7.30am – 3.00pm. 
Workshops can be scheduled throughout the school year or in blocks.
Band camps and retreats which take place during weekends can also be accommodated
* Please note, if your school/venue is not within Metro Vancouver a $30 - $80 travel fee will be applied per trip, depending on distance.


If you require a soloist to perform with your school ensembles, or if you are looking for a professional single reed player for your school musical, I would be happy to discuss any and all performance opportunities.

I have performed in musicals for Windsor Secondary School, Collingwood School and St. John’s School and have performed solos with choirs and senior bands from Sutherland Secondary School, Windsor Secondary, Collingwood School and Seycove Secondary School.

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